Ford Taunus P2 Kotflügel 'Koln' Plakette Emblem Abzeichen

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  • Ford Taunus P2 Kotflügel 'Koln' Plakette Emblem Abzeichen

    Hallo Leute,

    Firstly, sorry for my lack of German language skills. I hope, for my sake, some of you speak a little English as I'm like many of my countrymen and can barely grasp my own language!

    So, I have this original Ford Taunus P2 wing badge for sale. I purchased it in a lot of Oldtimer parts from France. It's good used condition, with a few little dents and marks on it.

    It's a rare item so looking for offers around 50€ including postage. Can receive payment through PayPal or bank transfer.

    I'll read your comments and questions with interest (and possibly Google translate!)