Electronic ignition system

  • Hi,

    Has anyone applied an electronic ignition system to his or her car? This electronic system may be a basic taransistor ignition system or a cpu controlled electronic system.

    I need info about the full (cpu controlled) electronic systems, also

  • what do you expect from this system ? The simples ones I know are designed to eliminate the points which is a rather simple instalation to improve reliability - there much more complex ( and of course + $$$$ systems out there - but those make only sense if you have a modified - i.e. tuned engine ).

    Buddy of mine installed one of those high tech gimmicks recently in a turbocharged / NO2 equipped 1/4 car - he is happy, but as I said you need to know what improvements you expect and you have to read a owner's manual the size of a bible..



  • yeah, thanks for the answer.

    I know it's useless for a stock (street car) car, but I want to know if it can help me to run my car on LPG efficiently. I mean I do not want to detonate my motor. And I've learned that I need a different ignition timing curve for LPG. As I'm riding my car both on petrol and LPG, I do not want to make mechanical modification to my distributor to adjust the curve, therefore an electronic ignition kit would help a lot to adjust the curve. I've seen some web sites advertising dual curve kits. But I need the info for Ford Taunus and if someone applied it or not. :)



  • 'cause I just bought another ford and it had some minor probs - now it is kind of fixed...

    Why would you fry yr engine running on GLP ? All you will have is a 10 % power loss and you have to make sure yr electrical system to switch bertween fuels is correctly connected - do you experience other problems ? I'm running forklifts with GLP / gasoline and I'm replacing them now with diesel powered ones as the quality of the GLP that is locally available is shitty ( contains way too much wax / parafin clogging the converter on a frequent basis .



  • Well, I'm frying my engine running on LPG because I'm not rich to give double price to gasoline in my country. LPG is 1.2 YTL and gasoline is 2.5 YTL. Yeah, the power loss is true, but I'm gaining money by loosing a little of power. I've made necessary modifications to my engine. (For ex. hardened valve seats, valve ajdustment etc.). But my problem is that the ignition time curve for LPG and gasoline are different. So, an electronic ignition with dual settings would be fine for the health of engine not to cause detonation. Am I right? And I need information if someone has applied those dual ignition curve setting electronic circuits.

    The diesel powered solution is perfect, but are there any engine that would fit to Taunus. And what will be the cost of it?

  • two things I'd need to know in order to look into this and try to help you out.

    What engine do U have installed in your Taunus, and what ignition system is in there fm the factory ?

    I'm looking right now into installing a LPG system in my Blazer, too but the problem I do have is that I'll have to use cylinders instead of an approved LPG tank in my case as LPG is not readily available at the local gas stations... and I'll have to find out a way to adjust my ignition to run the LPG with the blower - what I'm looking at right now is:

    a fueltech ignition system - which can be tailor made for your application and adjuste dby yourself w/out the need of LAPTOP - i.e. you have the LCD screen installed in the car and you can adjust all significant parameters yourself in real time.

    Prize is now about R$ ( Brazilian currency ) 1.600 wich would be roughly 535 Euros - problem is that the manual is in Portuguese as well as the read outs on the LED screen - in case you are interested I'll see whether I can get you one in English...

    Let me know.



  • I didn't understand the point that LPG isn't readily available in Germany??? LPG is everywhere in Turkey! Excuse me but, Do you confuse LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas)? I'm asking this because as a developed country Germany should have LPG everywhere, but CNG is new, and nowadays be less available. There are only 2 stations in Turkey that sells CNG but there are thousands of stations selling LPG in Turkey. I think it must be the same for Germany, too.

    I have 1593 cc LC (type:LAR) motor installed on my car and it has an electronic ignition system (Motorcraft - type: 83BB12A199) from the factory. In my opininon this is a basic ignition system (tansistor) but not a complicated one.

    I've searched the internet and found lots of electronic ignition kits and dual curve kits, here I give some links, please take a look at them. Some of them are really cheap.








  • where I'm working most of the year - that's why. And as my parents' place is close to the tchech republic I get gasoline rather cheap... so no need to think 'bout installing a LPG system in the taunus