hello, help needed

  • sorry i write only in english, i am from israel and i dont know german.
    ok, i bought two weeks ago the only ford taunus v6 2300 in israel (there is only one 2300...)
    which spark plugs by bosch do i fit?
    thank you

  • Hi Udi,

    sorry, but I didnt find a reasonable interchange-list in the web.

    If no one from the others can tell you the bosch-number of the right spark plugs:

    why cant you use the MOTORCRAFT AGR22C-23 ?

    Maybe you can ask at Ford Israel (click)
    (AAHHH, SH...T! Its not directly the Site I found. Fill in the Search-Field "Israel" and try to search... Sorry, I dont know why the link doesnt work itself. What I found there was http://www.fordwdmo.com/dlr_pages/israel.htm )

  • @ all:

    Weiss von euch nicht jemand eine Austauschliste fr Bosch/Motorcraft/Beru/Champion/NGK etc. ? Dann ab damit zu "Tipps & Tricks" :)

  • ich habe das buch nicht zur hand, aber letztendlich entscheidend ist doch nur:
    wrmewert = ?
    gewindelnge = ?
    gewindedurchmesser = ?

    und mit den werten sollte es berall auf der welt passende geben.
    I do not have the book handy, but finally crucially is nevertheless only these points:
    thermal value = ?
    length of thread = ?
    diameter of thread = ?

    and with those indicated the sparks should be suitable everywhere in the world.

    wer fehler im englischen findet behlts fr sich!
    the person who finds mistakes in my english can keep them!

  • Zndkerzen (Spark Plugs) 2.0 V6 / 2.3 V6 :
    Motorcraft : AGR 22
    Bosch : WR 6 DC
    Bosch Platinum : WR 6 DP
    Beru: 14-6 D
    Champion: N - 7 Y

    Gewindelnge (length of thread) 19mm
    Gewindedurchmesser (diameter of Thread) 14 mm

  • ...taunus and cortinas all over the world ;) cool... you are the first contact I remember to Israel in relation to the Ford Taunus. The others wrote the fact to the problem with the spark-plugs, now my question: Are there any pictures of your car? would be nice if we could see a Taunus in Israel! :O Are there more than your car (you wrote yours is the onliest 2300) ? Is there a little or bigger scene around the Taunus?

    Greets to Israel


  • thanks a lot guys ! :))

    as for israel and TAUNUS, in the 70's, ford ruled the israely roads, the ESCORT, TAUNUS and CORTINA were all over the country BUT since the 80's the japaneese cars as SUBARU took their place
    now there are only a few classic fords running around.

    most of the TAUNUS in israel are 1.6
    tha 2.3 litre version was never imported by the car importer.

    tha story of my 2.3 baby:

    the car was in western german. when the wall broke, a guy from the eastern part of germany bought it and drove it to russia. later he sold it there to a jewish guy that came with her to israel in 1991. he held it until 3 months ago, then a neighbour of mine bought it and broke the gearbox.
    i bought it from him with a broken gearbox and in the next week, she should be ok as we installed a 5 gear gearbox from a SIERRA
    that's my taunus story, hope you enjoyed it
    a picture:

  • congratulations! Your car must be a real world-rounder Germany, Russia, Israel... Cool. Really nice to see, that there are all over the world taunus-fans! Maybe, visit us in Germany to the next Taunus-Meeting next year! Well... its a little bit far away ;)

    Cu Se