FORD Cortina Mk3

  • i dont understand too much of your opinion ( both ) .... i am not a maschine. yes, text is very short, but i can send you more information if you want. want you ? my car is in very good condition.

    Motor 2000 OHC 100-HP
    Five speed gear box
    Back reform from Ford Taunus 2.0
    Complet overhaul of back reform
    Complet overhaul of front reform
    Complet new upholstered inside (roof, dashboard, seats), wine-color ( metallic )
    Roof in gold color ( metallic ) + 2x repaint
    New sommer tyres 185/70 R13, steel disks Cortina GXL 13
    Dashboard Line1 round tattler
    Front mask and bumper from chrom
    Details are galvanized lock, screw
    New battery
    Fuel consumption 9 10L / 100km

  • Hey dado,

    they wrote something like "this car really kicks ass" or "pretty cool" . "Geil" corectly means something like "horny" but in Germany often it's used as synonym for "damn, this rocks". ;)
    I think so too...


  • well,

    thank you very much Markus for your demostration. now it is all clear. thank you . hm, i must learn more german language ...

    i wish you all the best ;)


  • Like Markus says, it's a real cooker!!!

    I'm sorry that the car is so damn far away otherwise i would think about it, Honestly!!!

    Good luck selling it, and i hope it goes into good hands.

    Greetz Marc

    Oh, what do you think you'll get 4 him?

  • hi Marc,

    like i say what is damn far ? come at 13.8.2004 to Brno ( CZ ) FORD meeting and we can just take talk :-). it is also far ? i can come to "I. Internationaler Ford- leichmassigkeitsbewerb loser" in Ausserland ( i think s.t. about 27.8.04 ) .... or i will get it on eBay :-(

    the price is for me unlimited ;-), but if i want to sell IT i must go little bit "on earth". i try with 2800 e. so what do you think now ?

    vlado macko

  • I don't have the Time or even the money to buy any car what so ever!!!! ;(

    So, anyway like i said before, good luck selling it.
    I hope i makes a good deal 4 you and the new owner!

    Greetz Marc

  • hi Marc,

    thank you for your "support" . i will introduce IT on eBay in near future.